When you share this story with your kids, remind them that...

"Jesus taught that following Him is not easy. It requires commitment and sacrifice. When we trust in Jesus, we give Him complete control of our lives. True life is found in Jesus, who gave up His life to rescue us from sin and death. He is worth it."

Family Discussion Questions & Scripture Reading

Ask the following questions and discuss:

  1. Jesus said the Son of Man has no place to what? (lay His head, Matt. 8:20)
  2. What did Jesus say a person must take up to follow Him? (his cross, Matt. 16:24)
  3. What did Jesus say about a king going to war? (He must consider whether his army can win, Luke 14:31)
  4. Why do you think we must be willing to give up our family and even our life to follow Jesus? Guide kids to see that Jesus is the most important. If we truly love our families, we will want to put Jesus first so that we can help them see that He is best for them. If we love anything, even families or other good things, more than we love Jesus, those things have become idols.
  5. What are some ways you might suffer for Jesus’ sake? Discuss what can happen if kids stand up for what’s right against friends or other kids at school. Discuss missionaries who move away from home. Talk about places where Christians are not allowed to worship God and might be arrested or killed for their faith.
  6. What do we gain by following Jesus? Help kids think about the rewards we have through Jesus, both in this life and the next. Remind them that Jesus gives us peace, love, joy, and wisdom. Help them see that no matter what hard situations we face now, someday we will rule with Jesus when He returns.

SAY TO YOUR CHILDREN • Following Jesus is not easy, but He is worth it. Some people hate Christians and think we are foolish and wrong. Even though they are enemies, we love them and trust Jesus through hard times. No situation is so difficult that God cannot use it for His glory and your good. He is worthy.


Unit 23 Lesson 2: The Cost of Following Jesus