When you share this story with your kids, remind them that ....

"God sent Jesus to earth with a purpose. Even as a child, Jesus wanted to honor God. God blessed Jesus as He got ready to follow His Father’s plan: to die on the cross and rescue people from sin."

Family Discussion Questions & Scripture Reading

Ask the following questions & discuss:

  1. Why did Mary and Joseph travel to Jerusalem each year? (for the Passover, Luke 2:41)
  2. How long did it take Mary and Joseph to find Jesus? (three days, Luke 2:46)
  3. What about Jesus astounded people? (His understanding and His answers, Luke 2:46-47)
  4. Why do you think Jesus’ understanding and wisdom were so surprising? Help kids understand that Jesus would have seemed like an ordinary 12-year-old just by looking at Him. Remind kids that Jesus is fully God and fully human. Jesus was able to understand and explain God’s Word as One who had studied it for many years, despite His young age.
  5. Why do you think Jesus said it was necessary for Him to be in His Father’s house? Guide kids to understand that Jesus’ Father is God. Remind them that Jesus is God the Son, and He knew God’s plans for His life: to make the way for sinners to have eternal life. Jesus understood that He would need to rely on God’s power to obey Him, and Jesus wanted to obey God always.
  6. How can we live out God’s plans for us? Discuss the idea that God’s plan for all believers is for us to glorify Him by loving others, obeying Him out of love, and sharing the gospel throughout the earth. Remind kids that we can live on mission no matter where we are.

SAY TO YOUR CHILDREN • Even as a child, Jesus wanted to do His Father’s plan. He perfectly obeyed His earthly parents and all of God’s commands, eventually dying for our sin.


Unit 19 Lesson 5: Jesus as a Child